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Renewable Packaging


Not everyone is keen on petrochemical plastics. Concerns about pollution and climate change, as well as geopolitical uncertainties around the supply of oil and gas – exacerbated by the Ukraine conflict – are driving people towards renewable packaging made from paper and bioplastics. “Price volatility in petroleum and natural gas, which serve as feedstocks for manufacturing polymers, may push companies further to explore bio-plastics and packaging solutions made from renewable resources like paper,” said Akhil Eashwar Aiyar. “Policymakers in some countries have already taken steps to divert their waste streams, preparing for the final influx of bio-plastic solutions and preventing contamination in the existing polymer recycling stream.” According to data from Innova Market Insights, the number of food and beverage products claiming to be biodegradable or compostable has almost doubled since 2018, with categories such as tea, coffee, and confectionery accounting for nearly half of these product launches. With increasing support from consumers, the trend for renewable packaging looks set to continue. Only 7% of global consumers think paper-based packaging is unsustainable, while just 6% believe the same of bioplastics. Innovation in renewable packaging has also reached new heights, with suppliers such as Amcor, Mondi, and Coveris pushing the boundaries of shelf life and functionality for paper-based packaging. Meanwhile, European Bioplastics expects global bioplastic production to almost double by 2027, with packaging still being the largest market segment (48% by weight) for bioplastics in 2022. Consumers are increasingly willing to use connected packaging technology, with the vast majority scanning connected packaging at least sometimes to access additional production information.

We believe renewable packaging is the future. Currently, the first step is to replace the plastic packaging with the biodegradable paper packaging. Everspring focus on developing the production line to produce the paper cushion packaging like the Honeycomb mailer, honeycomb envelope, Corrugated cardboard bubble paper, Fan-folded paper etc. We hope to work together with you on this eco-friendly industry and to really do something to our earth.

Post time: Mar-19-2023